For students learning Japanese it is difficult at times to locate useful resources to help them master this language. There are, however, some good sites that try to change that. Here is a good start:

Visit the program webpage for additional information.

Textbook materials:




Japanese dictionary

Japanese dictionaryIf you need to look up a Japanese word, you may want to visit this site.

Japanese links and resources

HiraganaThere are many online resources for language instruction but not all of them are intuitive to navigate or carefully edited. In the case of Japanese, although there aren't as many teaching materials as for more commonly taught languages, there is certainly enough to satisfy the most ambitious student. One site that we recently came across is the "Japanese Language Links and Resources" at Gettysburg College:


It provides links to a variety of materials grouped by profiency levels and content type. It is certainly a good place to hone in your Japanese language skills.

For additional materials, you can visit:

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iPad Applications for language learning (Japanese)

With the arrival of the iPad and countless Android-based tablets, there has been a slew of mobile apps for language Japanese on the iPadlearning. Although not specifically designed for in-class use, students can benefit from their interactivity and ease of use as they master the intricacies of a foreign language. This is particularly true in the case of Chinese and Japanese where students have to learn to write and draw countless characters in those languages. Here are some examples for Japanese:

For collections of language Apps, see:

If you use other language Apps, post a link in the comment section below.

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