Language Requirement FAQ

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The following questions are frequently asked questions about the second language requirement and language placement exams at Trinity College. If you have any other questions, contact the Blume Center at

Second Language Questionnaire

Q. Do all students need to complete the second language questionnaire?
A. Yes. The questionnaire gives us useful information about you for planning purposes. You can complete the questionnaire at any time by going to this page:

Q. How can my advisor see my second language questionnaire?
A. Once you've completed the questionnaire, there will be a link to it from your advising transcript at

Q. I am filling out the Online Second Language Questionnaire at the moment and got slightly confused on page 5. My native language is French, does it make sense to add it as a language I have taken at school? I mean, apart from my last two years of study my entire education took place in French. Which boxes should I tick then?
A. If you did study French language as a subject in school, do indicate it on that page.

Q. While filling out the second language questionnaire to register for June Days, I came across a question about AP Exams in a Foreign Language. Although I answered "no" as to whether I took an exam, my results are actually pending until July. I was wondering how that would affect my enrollment in a foreign language course (and I do intend to enroll).
A. No, that should not affect your enrollment into a foreign language course. If you have not already requested that your scores be sent to Trinity, please contact the College Board and request that they be sent. Once they have been received, they will be added to your file.

Language Placement Exams

Q. I have just taken a language placement exam and my score was high enough to satisfy the second language requirement. My advising transcript, however, hasn’t been updated yet.
A. In general, student records are updated quickly during the semester. However, if you took a placement exam during June Days, your status may not be updated for a few weeks. If the problem remains, contact the Registrar's Office.

Q. I took five years of Spanish in High School but my advising transcript says three. Whom should I contact about this?
A. The Registrar’s Office

Q. I have just taken a language placement exam and my score was not high enough to satisfy the second language requirement. Can I retake the exam?
A. You can retake any language placement exam once but not within the same testing period. You will have to wait until they are offered again.

Q. Can I take a language placement exam at any time?
A. No. The language placement exams can also be used to satisfy the second language requirement. For this reason they need to be administered in a proctored, controlled environment.

Q. I’ve taken a language placement exam twice but my score is still too low. I’m not a good test taker but I know I can do better than 101. What shall I do?
A. Contact the language coordinator for that particular language.

Q. I’ve missed the language placement exam sessions. What shall I do?
A. You can wait until the next round or contact the language coordinator for the particular language you would like to take.

Q. I want to study a new language at Trinity College. Do I need to take a language placement exam?
A. No, if it’s a new language, you should enroll in 101.

Q. I took the X language placement exam during June Days but I’ve changed my mind over the summer. Can I study a different language in the Fall?
A. Yes, you can enroll in a different language.

Q. I’m currently studying abroad. Can I take the language placement exam from here?
A. No. The language placement exam is a proctored test so you can only take it at Trinity College.

Q. I am an incoming freshman. I have taken Hindi Classes for 8 years at a Hindi School at Brown University. Will Trinity College accept this as sufficient to satisfy the second language requirement?
A. You will need to contact the Chair of the Language & Culture Studies Department. The Chair will decide what you’ll need to do.

Q. I intend on taking Spanish to fulfill my requirement but I've only had very little exposure to the language. Should I still take a placement exam?
A. Yes

Q. If I have decided to study Hebrew next year at Trinity, yet have no experience in the language, should I still be taking that language placement exam? I have taken spanish for five years and am unsure if I am supposed to take that language exam rather than what I am planning on studying next year
A. If you are planning on taking Hebrew at Trinity College in the fall and have never studied that language before, you do not need to take the Hebrew placement exam during June Days. You may want to take the Spanish placement exam in case you decide to continue studying that language later on.

Q. It says in my Starting Out Package that my language requirement is already fulfilled as I am an international student with a native language other than English. This won't affect my possibilities to take Arabic and Hebrew, will it?
A. No.

Q. My SAT II scores were high enough to satisfy the second language requirement but my advising transcript still says that I need to satisfy the second language requirement.
A. You need to provide the Registrar's Office with official certification that you attained a sufficiently high score on one of these standardized tests: SAT II (600 or above), Advanced Placement (4 or 5), International Baccalaureate Higher Level Examination (5, 6, or 7), or United Kingdom "A" Level General Certi cate Examination (grade of A, B, or C).
Note: When you request that your official scores from the College Board be sent to Trinity, use code 3899.