Language resources

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Language faculty and students at Trinity College have at their disposal a vast array of technology resources that, if effectively integrated, can generate engaging learning experiences in the classroom or in an online environment. Through informal discussions and professional collaborations, the Blume Center will provide information about and facilitate access to these resources to the language faculty and the larger Trinity community. Broadly speaking, these resources can be organized into the following categories:

  • Campus-based
  • Community-oriented
  • Web-based


Library Music and Media Services
Audiovisual language materials are available in the Raether Library Media Center. The Library Music and Media Services unit handles materials circulation and the purchase of new instructional packages. Language instructors can access the library collection of foreign language films via the online library catalog to check availability or place items on hold for their courses.
The Blume Center encourages a general discussion on the effective integration of various media types into language instruction and will be happy to assist language faculty with course conceptualization, lesson planning and media integration. The Blume Center works closely with the Media library to ensure availability of language materials and to explore new ways of making materials available to students at the beginning of the term. One such potential application is streaming media. The Media library provides access to various music and video databases that can be easily integrated into a course web site. It also offers the ability to stream content over the campus network on a case-by-case basis and in accordance with fair use guidelines.
The Blume Center will coordinate with the Language and Culture Studies department and the Media Library to keep language materials up-to-date and available as well as to progressively increase the quality and quantity of existing resources. For a detailed list of portable equipment available, visit this page:

Media Technology Services
The Media Technology Services (MTS) unit offers services that go beyond the unit’s traditional role of providing audiovisual equipment for the classroom. Language instructors and students can take advantage of analog and digital equipment and resources to develop engaging activities in the classroom or to facilitate access to instruction beyond the confines of the lecture hall.
The Blume Center works with MTS to encourage familiarity and use of their services. Of potential interest to language faculty are the following:

  • Video and audio editing training
    MTS offers student and faculty training on how to utilize various non-linear editing applications – such as Audacity and iMovie – as well as recording equipment for student and faculty use.
  • Lecture tapings
    As a way to facilitate lesson reviews or provide access to lectures to a larger audience, instructors can request their courses be taped. Such lectures can then be turned into podcasts or further annotated by the instructor or students.
  • Channel 81
    Video materials can be broadcasted on the campus cable network provided proper permission is obtained. Taped lectures can also be broadcast in this fashion.

Language instructors who would like to use a particular piece of technology not currently available in the classroom can contact MTS or visit their web site ( for availability. For a list of equipment available for loan at the Raether Center, you can visit

Office of International Programs (OIP)
The Blume Center will foster collaborations between Trinity College’s study abroad sites and on-campus students studying a foreign language. Instructors responsible for working with the study abroad programs may serve as liaisons between interested faculty and these campuses. Using desktop-based video conferencing software, for example, language students can partner with their peers abroad to collaborate on a variety of educational initiatives. These projects can facilitate access to the target culture and bring authentic materials into language instruction.

International House (the I-House)
The International House is a new initiative at Trinity College to develop a student-run learning space that will serve as a link between the academic and the residential experience in the context of learning about foreign cultures. Instructors can tap into this group of students to organize programs or collaborate on initiatives centered on exposure to other cultures.

Community-based Resources

The Blume Center will work with language faculty to harness the foreign language resources available in the Hartford community. It will help disseminate information about these communities – via an online interactive map, for example – and may serve as an additional link between the campus community and various organizations around Hartford. There are two campus offices in particular that have a great deal of knowledge about what the Hartford community has to offer and have long-standing relationships with immigrant communities in the area:
Trinfo.Cafe (link)
This Trinity-sponsored facility acts as a liaison between the College community and its surrounding neighborhood. Trinfo.Cafe offers a suite of free technology resources to various ethnic groups in Hartford and works closely with community organizations. The Hispanic Studies program, for example, has successfully utilized Trinfo in their Hispanic Hartford course and can serve as an example for other potential collaborations.
Office of Community Service and Civic Engagement (link)
This office organizes student programming around the year and can facilitate collaborations between students interested in community building and language learning. Language mentoring, for example, can be organized for students interested in working with immigrant groups.

Web-based Resources

From news articles to RSS feeds, accessing information has never been easier with new online services and resources becoming available every day and search engines providing a convenient way to find them. Together with search engines, there are many web sites that serve as repositories for instructional resources covering every topic imaginable and usually including activities and exercises that can be used as-is or adapted to suit particular instructional purposes.
The Blume Center will develop a web site containing a collaborative space for organizing and sharing many of these resources and will work with faculty and students on the development, annotation, and dissemination of relevant educational resources. The emphasis will be on tapping into each other’s expertise and highlighting cases of successful technology integration into the curriculum.